Reflections Family Support Program

Addiction is a family disease — no one goes unscathed. It affects so many more people than the addict themselves. That is why it is crucial that family members who have loved ones struggling with addiction get help too.

Unfortunately, 30-day residential programs for the family members are non-existent. They are often left picking up the pieces trying to clean up some of the wreckage left in the wake of addiction.

At Reflections, we want to give the family members their own safe space to connect with others who have walked in their shoes. That is why we provide a program designed especially for families — to provide them some level of healing in addition to the client in treatment.

The family program includes a weekly group therapy session for only the families. It also includes a weekly program where we provide families the opportunity to socialize, learn, and process their feelings and experiences. Details on those two programs are provided below.


Call us at 1-800-582-0709 to learn more about our family support groups. General questions can also be sent by email to:


Reflection’s Family Night

Each week, families, spouses, children, and close friends of inpatient clients are invited to the facility for family night. Clients and their families have the opportunity to reconnect with one another in a loving, safe, and supportive environment. Family nights are designed to help facilitate healing.

There are three parts to our Family Night program.

First, families attend an education group. Education is absolutely essential to healing because it allows families to understand the entire disease. Families and addicts learn together about addiction, treatment, recovery, and negative patterns.

These groups provide information on the science of the disease and families can ask questions. Therapists are present so that everyone can receive a better understanding of the treatment their loved one is receiving or any other questions they may have. Education is the main focus because it can lead to a change in mindset which can lead to an even stronger recovery.

Second, clients and their families share a meal with one another. This isn’t facilitated by therapists but is a time where they can simply enjoy each other’s company.

The third part of our family night program  is known as “processing.” Addiction has causes families a lot of heartache and deep frustration. Treatment is a place where things begin to heal, and this must include family members. Under the supervision and guidance of therapists, families, and clients are able to talk about their differences, difficulties, frustrations, and possible misunderstandings.

This is an open dialogue meant to promote feelings of goodwill and healing on both sides. Clients and families will never be forced to participate in anything. This is simply a service offered that has helped other clients begin building bridges in their family relationships. 

As a family member of an addict, you need to know that you are not alone

Our Family-Only support group nights occur each Tuesday night at 6:00 p.m.

Family Night occurs each Thursday night at 5:00 p.m. Dinner is provided.

Additional Family Help Resources

Reflection Recovery Centers, we understand that family members of addicts and alcoholics may need more in-depth help than our weekly family groups. We also offer more individualized help such as one on one sessions with our counselors and therapists. If you feel you need additional help, we can provide help and resources to meet your individual needs. Call us today!

There are many additional resources available for family and loved ones of addicts and alcoholics. Al-anon Family groups provide a supportive network for the friends and loved ones of alcoholics. Nar-anon is a fellowship for loved ones battling drug addiction. For adolescent children, many family groups provide an Alateen program. By attending these meetings you can better learn about alcoholism and drug addiction and how to support your loved one in recovery. or are excellent resources to find out more about these programs and regular meetings in your area.

Other Resources

We have also prepared additional family resources and materials that family members can read through to help better understand their loved one’s struggle. For those who are not quite sure if their loved one is addicted, it may be beneficial to gain a better understanding of addiction. You can also find answers to a number of general treatment questions on our admissions page. There is help and there are answers.

The reason we are so passionate about what we do here in Reflections Recovery Center is that we have been in your shoes. All of us have been touched by addiction, either as an addict or as a family member of an addict. We know what it feels like to feel alone and afraid, and also what it feels like to be at the end of our rope and exhausted by the challenges of addiction. We understand and with that understanding, we are uniquely positioned to help you and your loved ones. We want you to know that you are not alone, that there is help available. Give us a call.

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