Reflections Recovery Center’s number one goal is to return hope, dignity and value to the lives and loved ones of those hijacked by the deception of substance use. Through evidence-based treatment and compassion for the individual we can promote open, honest growth and trust between Clients, Providers and the Community. Through perseverance and fortitude, we will negate the stigmatism of dependency and instill confidence in our Client’s ability to reach their true potential and excel. With understanding we can teach the necessary tools to enable Clients the ability to fulfill productive, happy lives. Our determination and commitment to excellence will elevate our organization to become the premier recovery center in the eyes of those institutions at the point of first contact with Clients.

The addiction treatment program at Reflections focuses on these primary elements:

  • Examining the behavioral issues that led you to use drugs or alcohol to cope
  • Rebuilding your physical health through complementary therapies
  • Guiding self-understanding and a renewed sense of purpose
  • Helping you build a toolkit for sobriety
  • Creating a long-term plan for a life free of addiction

Addiction impacts more than your physical well-being. It undermines emotional and spiritual growth as well. In early recovery, feelings that you once pushed aside with mood-altering chemicals need to be addressed. The goal is to build resilience so you are less vulnerable when life throws challenges your way.

At the Reflections Recovery Center we are able to treat a wide variety of addictions.

Treatment Programs

Reflections Recovery Center is a residential drug treatment program located in beautiful Utah valley. Our programs vary from  to 30-90 days, depending on each client’s particular needs.

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Insurance & Coverage

At Reflections we understand that determining how the cost of treatment for you or a loved one will be covered can be a daunting and confusing task.

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