Choosing a Drug Treatment Program


By Dave Cox


Selecting a Comprehensive Drug Rehabilitation Center

For individuals dealing with substance abuse problems, choosing a drug treatment program can seem overwhelming at first. There are countless types of inpatient and outpatient centers throughout the United States now available for sufferers and their families to select from. While having more options than ever before is no doubt beneficial, it also raises more questions than ever:

  • Which program is truly right for me?
  • Which plan will be most effective to help overcome my particular addiction, once and for all?
  • Which kind atmosphere will be most conducive to my personal needs?
  • Is this covered by my insurance?

As you may have guessed, selecting the best substance abuse rehab program isn’t as simple as picking a facility out of a book, or finding one randomly online. Numerous aspects come into play, including the location of the center, duration of the program, whether the center takes medical insurance, the facility’s environment, and the particular approach the recovery center takes to treating the addiction. All of these aspects will be covered in greater detail below.


Location is a critical aspect of any drug treatment center. Many individuals who are addicted, as well as the families of loved ones suffering from an addiction problem, initially wish to select a facility that is close to home for easier access throughout treatment. While this may be appropriate in some cases, it is not in others. In many instances, the afflicted individual needs complete separation from his or her former surroundings; after all, it was exactly these surroundings that helped made the addiction possible in the first place. Having too much of the home element that helped, whether indirectly or directly, contribute to the addiction itself can regress the progress of recovery.

In many instances, having full separation from friends and family, with the exception of limited and prearranged visitation in specific time intervals, is best for all parties involved. In other words, do not let a facility that is far away from home necessarily deter you from selecting that center if it is the best choice in all other ways for you or your loved one.

Duration and Insurance

Depending on the type of addiction and length the sufferer has been coping with it, the duration of inpatient treatment can range anywhere from 28 days to several months. Medical insurance varies widely, but it often covers much of the burden of this cost. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers are very accustomed to dealing with health insurance companies, ensuring that they receive as much coverage as is possible for inpatient treatment.

In many instances, you or your loved one may need to go through a medical detox program at a separate facility prior to entering a rehab program. Discuss this potential with your rehabilitation center if you feel this may be the case.


As mentioned, treatment centers come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing a drug treatment program that is a good long-term fit is critical to ensuring long-term success for staying clean and sober once inpatient rehabilitation is complete. Some rehab programs are designed to resemble sterile hospital wards; others, like Reflections Recovery Center, are much more comfortable and homelike in design. Remember that the more relaxed your loved one can be where they are spending their time during treatment, the more they can focus on their journey of recovery and getting back to being addiction-free.


The more we learn about drug and alcohol addiction, the more we recognize that its treatment can never be a one-size-fits-all approach. Furthermore, just as people are not one-dimensional by nature, treatment also cannot be a one-dimensional approach. In order for rehabilitation to be a long-term success, multiple aspects of the sufferer must be approached. Aspects that Reflections Recovery Center utilize include:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Environmental
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional

Just as almost all addicts did not become addicts because of one specific trigger or issue, dealing with treatment via one particular method or focusing on only one particular part of his or her life in rehab is almost certainly bound to fail. Developing a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses multiple aspects of contributing factors that led to the addiction helps really dig deeply to the root causes to the addiction. This ultimately helps the sufferer grow and develop as a healthy, addiction-free person from the ground up.

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