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Recovery is a life-long process, and treatment for addiction is never really completed. Residential and outpatient treatment programs are the best ways to help addicts and alcoholics in early recovery find sobriety and start their new lives. Support beyond these programs, however, is crucial.

There are several benefits of participating in an aftercare program. One of the main benefits is having a place to talk about and process some of the effects of post-acute withdrawal symptoms.

Dealing with post-acute withdrawal symptoms are one of the reasons clients are encouraged to participate in aftercare. There are many symptoms that addicts and alcoholics will deal with long after they leave residential and intensive outpatient. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Mood swings
  • Trouble concentrating or thinking
  • Loss of interest in activities that used to be enjoyable
  • Anxiety
  • Panic and fear
  • Difficulty adapting to stressful situations.

Aftercare is designed to provide support for those very symptoms. Each alumnus of Reflections is going to experience very different things after leaving treatment, but there are many feelings that are universal and can be extremely difficult to deal with on their own.

One of the best ways for addicts to stay sober is to be part of an official program of recovery for a continuous, lengthy amount of time. Recovery is a process that lasts a lifetime, it is never really “complete.”

Reflections is committed to providing long-lasting and continued support through their aftercare program. Alumni of the program and addicts in general need to form long-lasting friendships with people who are dedicated to a life free from drugs and alcohol.

Aftercare consists of several different programs that are all designed to reinforce recovery that clients can participate in on a regular basis.

Group Therapy

Clients experience different situations once they leave recovery. However, all of them will experience some form of post-acute withdrawal symptoms and because many of the symptoms are mental and not physical, group therapy is the perfect setting to process them.

That’s why Reflections alumni are invited to participate in a weekly group therapy session at the residential treatment facility. One of Reflection’s licensed therapists facilitates these meetings to provide an opportunity for everyone to discuss and process everyday life events.

  • Clients can share their struggles staying clean/sober and receive feedback from fellow clients and a therapist.
  • They can ask for advice or practice the tools.
  • Relapses are also processed and alumni receive help on how to proceed in a way that is best for their recovery.

Aftercare provides a place where alumni can connect and encourage each other in their efforts to stay drug and alcohol free. Alumni who have long periods of sober/clean time can set examples for individuals who are new to recovery.

12 Step Programs

Reflections believes that involvement in 12 Step Programs is the most effective way to maintain long-term sobriety. These programs have been helping addicts and alcoholics for nearly 100 years, and have had huge success in helping people stay clean and live happily.

All clients are encouraged to participate in 12 Step Programs and find a sponsor. Many of the clients have chosen to continue attending these meetings together for continued support through the community.

Reflections doesn’t host an official 12 Step Meeting, but clients who attend group therapy once a week are asked about their involvement as a way to check in on the client and their recovery.

Sober Softball League

Anxiety and depression coupled with loss of interest in enjoyable activities are symptoms of post-acute that Reflections addresses with involvement in this league. Clients will have the opportunity to be physical and active and hopefully gain interest in a new hobby.

Alumni are encouraged to participate in a local softball league for people in recovery. Reflection’s hosts an Alumni team that plays in a neighboring city once a week to help clients stay connected in an environment that is athletic, healthy, and promotes wholesome entertainment.

Alumni Activities

Fear and panic are very real parts of dealing with post-acute withdrawal symptoms. One of the ways that Reflection’s addresses this is through consistent activities to bring people together.

If clients know that they have a place where they can spend time with people who have helped them into recovery, they will have more peace, comfort and security.

Several times a year Reflection’s hosts activities for alumni. These activities can include holiday parties, camping trips, hikes, dinner, and bowling. The purpose of spending recreation time is to build relationships that founded on wholesome activities.

Many clients come to treatment having lived an extremely difficult life void of regular recreation and now have the chance to participate in a variety of activities with people who love and support them.

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