Residential Treatment

Residential Inpatient Treatment

Inpatient drug rehab is the most effective way to give an individual their best chance at recovery. Individuals who complete inpatient programs are more likely than those who don’t to stay clean and sober.

The benefits of inpatient treatment are significant. It physically removes clients from drugs and alcohol and also removes them from potentially stressful or toxic living arrangements and associations.

In other words, clients can focus on recovery without regular life stresses like work and relationships. Addiction recovery is a long, difficult process — but a foundation in inpatient treatment will start people on a wholesome, safe, and professionally guided path to a life free from substance abuse.

12 Step Programs

12 Step Programs —  beginning with Alcoholics Anonymous — have proven to be the most successful and long-lasting ways for individuals to maintain their recovery from substance abuse.

When individuals leave Reflections, we want them to have all of the tools available to be successful and this should include programs like AA. At least 6 times a week, clients are taken off-site to attend meetings in the community.

Reflections isn’t directly affiliated with these programs, but we do encourage clients to participate. This gives them the opportunity to see people outside of residential treatment who are living in recovery and gives a support system for when they leave.

Clients are encouraged to participate in these meetings, learn from people with longer lengths of sobriety/clean-time, and eventually feel very comfortable attending so they are more likely to attend in the future. We believe in building habits in residential that will support a continued care plan and this must include 12 step programs.

Comprehensive Treatment

Reflections’ entire approach to treating addiction can be summarized through their comprehensive treatment program. Addiction is complicated and impacts every aspect of a person’s life — so treatment needs to address a variety of issues. The six different approaches are mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental.


Clients will grow their intellectual capabilities through reflection, self-evaluation, and therapist guided processes. Additionally, since mental illness is often coupled with addiction, we provide dual diagnosis services. There are medical professionals on staff who manage medication as well to promote mental healing and well-being.


Clients will experience physical transformation and changes as they begin to live a life free of addiction. We support this process through daily gym trips, weekly yoga, weekly softball games, and encouraging time outside walking and playing pickleball on the grounds.


Clients are provided with a safe space to express their emotions comfortably, effectively, and in a healthy manner. We want to replace negative emotions brought on by a life in addiction and replace them with feelings of self-esteem, self-confidence, self-efficacy, trust, and love.


Relationships are built at Reflections. We encourage clients to form healthy, meaningful relationships with their families, friends and those in the sober/clean community. We help teach interpersonal behaviors to allow clients to be successful in social situations.


Reflections isn’t affiliated with any religion or belief system, but we do recognize the healing value of believing in something beyond ourselves. We encourage clients to seek a spirituality that is unique to them. This allows them to establish values and live a life that is consistent with those values. Spiritual wellness is about creating a sense of inner peace and we help facilitate that process.


Clients will learn an appreciation for the external environment and the role it plays in preserving and improving the recovery methods that help them be successful. This can include working with families and spouses on creating better environments that the clients can come home to.

Miscellaneous Activities

Clients are encouraged to participate in weekly softball events where they can enjoy healthy competition and a feeling of normalcy. We host recreational activities every week where clients participate in hikes, bowling, movies, dining out, and more to remind them of the joy that can be found in having fun. Weekly clients participate in service activities and can also attend a worship service of their choice.

Individual Therapy

There are as many ways to address addiction as there are addicts. We have a team of therapists who are professionals in some of the most important forms of therapy. Reflections intentionally employ therapists who specialize in various therapies including:

  • Childhood trauma and experiences
  • Experiential therapy
  • Education
  • Mindfulness
  • Art therapy
  • Family processing
  • Various mental and personality disorders
  • Spirituality
  • Core values

Clients are matched with a therapist that will best understand and support their needs, though all therapists are involved in the client’s treatment. Reflections maintain a ratio of 4 to 5 clients to 1 therapist, which means that they will always receive individualized, focused care.

Group Therapy

Clients spend six hours of the weekday in group therapy sessions. These are the most effective way to address the six aspects of our treatment program because it can mimic many real-world situations and facilitate learning between them. These groups are always lead and guided by a member of the clinical staff. In other words, they are client-directed but clinically lead.

In these groups, friendships and relationships are formed so that clients feel safe and supported as they process some of the underlying causes of addiction. They are able to share freely and show respect for one another. Clients have the opportunity to practice the skills that they are developing in one on one therapy and apply them in group interactions.

Family therapy is also available twice a week to make connections with their loved ones, receive support, and learn about the disease of addiction.

Healing Environment

Reflections Recovery Center is located in central Utah, in the foothills of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. The views of the mountains from the center are inspiring and contribute to the healing environment we strive to create for our clients.

The main house at Reflections Recovery Center offers extra-large bedrooms, healing community spaces, and resort-like grounds.

Our treatment center is physically located in what was once a family residence. It is a large, spacious building with full-sized rooms that are cozy and comfortable. It isn’t set up like a hospital, but a home.

Start Your Journey to Recovery

If you have any questions about which treatment program is right for you, please call us at 801-784-9455.


Treatment Programs

Reflections Recovery Center is a residential drug treatment program located in beautiful Utah valley. Our programs vary from to 30-90 days, depending on each client’s particular needs.


Insurance & Coverage

At Reflections we understand that determining how the cost of treatment for you or a loved one will be covered can be a daunting and confusing task.