Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Program


When it’s time to get the help you need for alcoholism or drug addictions, typically you start with a detoxification process. This is the preliminary step to get you healthy and your life back. What you need is a private, medically supervised service, comfortable environment, and a dedicated licensed medical staff which will provide the most thorough care needed through the drug and alcohol detoxification process.

When we come off of drugs or alcohol, we can experience some negative things. Over a lengthy period of abusing substances our bodies have become accustomed to their effects. When these substances are no longer in the system, it can have a negative reaction on both physical and mental wellbeing. That is why some of us will continue to abuse, so that we don’t get sick. This is called withdrawal. An important part of the detox process is to treat individuals for withdrawal and help to get them stabilized. Reflections Recovery Center provides a comfortable and safe place, surrounded with caring professionals, to undertake this process.

Medical Detox Services

There are many different approaches to detoxing from drugs and alcohol. We have found that the safest method is found through a medical process. This detoxification is supervised by medical professionals, physicians and nursing staff. The right equipment is provided to address withdrawals. Most of the time it requires safe medications that help curb cravings and ease the intensity of withdrawal.

For years the Reflections Recovery Center has been recognized as one of the leading treatment centers of drug and alcohol addiction. You will find this reflected in the efforts of our detoxification services. Medical detox is administrated by a licensed medical professional and follows the most effective protocols for treating individual withdrawal symptoms. During this period, patients meet with the medical staff to ensure that needs are being met and they (the patient) are comfortable and okay during the circumstances of addiction withdrawal.

We understand that withdrawal from drugs and alcohol is not an easy process. That is why we are committed to providing the most effective protocols and comfortable environment for our residents. We want the circumstance to be as calm and as safe as it can be notwithstanding the situation. By personalizing our treatment approach, we meet individual needs and can help them with their detox process.

Detoxification Advice

If you are considering the possibility of caring for and attending to the needs of the loved one as they go through the process of detox at home, it is strongly advised to first consult with the appropriate medical professionals as there are circumstances where an assessment could reveal underlying health risks and dangers to trying to navigate through a detoxification without necessary medical training on hand. Some cellular changes caused by addictions are best treated with the help of certain medicines and medical supervisions. In an inpatient facility, this kind of help is provided by a trained medical staff that’s always present and on call. In each circumstance, a medical staff will monitor negative reactions and supply aid as needed.

Physical discomfort is often a side effect of going through the detox process, which can lead one back to their drug of choice.


Pain from this process can be alleviated at times with special cares, including:

  • Drinking plenty of juices and water
  • Exercise at a comfortable level
  • Soft, clean sheets and bedding
  • Quiet, low lit rooms to relax and be at peace

These are attributes one can find at the Reflections Recovery Center Detox Center where care is rendered seamlessly to one’s own comfort levels. Our residents won’t need to be concerned with day-to-day tasks of washing their linens or meal preparation as we facilitate that so recovery can be the focus instead.

What are some Symptoms of Withdrawal?

When someone who is dependent on drugs suddenly stops taking their drug of choice, most likely their body will experience negative things internally. This varies on the type of drug. It can manifest itself in physical things like headaches, anxiousness and inability to sleep. It can also be a little more severe, with things like vomiting, diarrhea and convulsions. With alcoholism there are also more severe and even life threatening withdrawal symptoms that need to be treated and monitored through alcohol detoxification. Psychological withdrawal can also occur. These are things like depression and anxieties that can happen in the absence of the substance of choice. This can make the individual highly volatile, which can lead to suicidal ideation and actions.

How Long Does Withdrawal Last?

Typically the symptoms of withdrawal manifest themselves in the first 8-24 hours of halting use. They can last 24-72 hours commonly. This is not typical for each patient and can also depend upon the level of use and the length of drug abuse of that person in addition to the type of drug that is abused. Problems like depression as a result of psychological withdrawal can take several more weeks in some cases. It should also be emphasized that treating withdrawal is not the same as treating addictions.

Is detox all that is needed to overcome addiction?

We cannot stress enough that the drug detoxification is only the beginning. It should be followed immediately by behavioral treatments and therapies. Residents who come for this process will be quickly transitioned into our innovative and leading addiction treatment program when they are cleared by our Medical Director.

Reflections Recovery Center Detox Facilities

Our detoxification program is facilitated in our Studio location at the mouth of Provo Canyon. For convenience the medical examination room, residential rooms and lounge are all located on the first floor. You will find that these accommodations reflect the same efforts of comfort and homelike feel of the surrounding Reflections Recovery Center facility. The nurse’s station is located in the Detox Lounge, with a sophisticated wireless monitoring and calling system to get a hold the nurse if you need them.

Transition into Treatment

Here at Reflections Recovery Center, We want to make the transition into treatment as seamless as it can be. Through the drug and alcohol detox process efforts will be made to familiarize you with the facility and the program. Our efforts from a treatment standpoint will be well under way as our clinical team will be creating your personalized addiction treatment program. You will also be assigned a fully licensed counselor who will oversee your program. For residents of the Studio this transition will be as easy as moving into one of our shared treatment accommodations and those going to the Reflections Recovery Center will be transported in one of our private vehicles when you are ready.

Start Your Journey to Recovery

If you have any questions about which treatment program is right for you, please call us at 801-784-9455.


Treatment Programs

Reflections Recovery Center is a residential drug treatment program located in beautiful Utah valley. Our programs vary from to 30-90 days, depending on each client’s particular needs.


Insurance & Coverage

At Reflections we understand that determining how the cost of treatment for you or a loved one will be covered can be a daunting and confusing task.